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    Automatisation of ProductionLibraryUpdate



      does anyone know how to automate the process of Production Library Cache update?

      I would like to have the production library cache to be automatically updated from the DMS server once or twice every 24h.

      I searched the documentation info hub but no success so far.

      Could anyone point me to some documentation regarding this?


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          This is what you need:


          update_cache_wg.bat  -library <name of production library> -wgtarget <location to designer's cache (lmc)> -update <A,U,D - what ever status you want updated> -create <similar as -update> -dmsdatabase <name of database> -dmsloginconfig <login account>


          Insert this either in batch file, vbs script... whatever is your preference.


          More info can be found in section "Export Production Library Cache Utility Command Line Arguments/Options" in DMS Librarian User's Guide (pg. 380).