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    Pads Logic - locks up when deleting wire from converted Capture schematic


      I converted an Orcad Capture schematic using the Mentor utility, and that was fine. I have been fixing library inconsistencies, and I'm on the third page.

      There is a wire that, when I delete it, locks the program up.

      I've also tried to grab one end and move the end, same result.

      I also exported the schematic, then imported into a new clean schematic page, and it didn't fix it.


      That wire that I am having trouble with also happens to have a "bus connection" symbol on the end of it. This is from Orcad, I don't think there is an equivalent symbol in Pads for it.

      But several other wires that I have deleted / re-routed also had that same bus connector symbol, so I don't know what to make of that.

      I was able to delete the entire sheet, so unless one of you geniuses knows how to fix this I'll just redraw that entire page from scratch.


      Thanks in advance -