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    Error during installation PADS


      Hello! I try to install PADS and get next error. File with history is attached.  I use evaluation version of program.




      If I skip this error after installation I cannot run the program, there are no any run files:



      Could you help me solve this problem?

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          Hello Vasyl,


          Your second screenshot shows that you are trying to install PADS VX.0 on Windows Terminal Server - this platform is not supported for PADS.  PADS VX.0 is supported on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

          Even if you can get the product to install, the evaluation license (nodelocked uncounted) supplied will not work on Windows Terminal Server.

          Please use a Windows 7 machine instead - note that you will need to request another evaluation license because the MacAddress of the other machine will be different.



          David Leslie