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    DxDatabook/DMS Configuration to add new Catalogs


      We use DxDatabook within DxDesigner/Expedition flow (verison 7.9.1) to place schematic parts with the addition data being stored in a Mentor Graphics DMS database. (version


      We have a requirement to add a new catalog to the database for new category of IC (74AVC logic).


      I can add the new catalog to the DMS database ok and populate this with the required information (part numbers, size, temperature, manufacturer), this is ok.


      However now I need to add this catalog to the DxDatabook configuration file (.dbc) and to put simply I don't know how to achive this.


      Can someone please explain how to add the new catalog to the DxDatabook config file (.dbc) so that the part are recognised when being placed in DxDesigner.

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          I have managed to move on a little from the earlier post, although things are not working correctly yet.


          I have figured out how to add the new table to my DxDatabook configuration, however when I add the new table it does not have any fields set in it and this is then causing errors and the table to not function correctly.


          Within DMS Desktop the Catalog Characteristics are listed as per attached picture.



          However now when I have added the table in DxDatabook the fields are all missing. (as per attached picture).


          Any ideas of how to get fields so that they appear within the table correctly in the DxDatabook configuration.


          Hopefully this means something to someone, I think it is only something minor that I am missing but any help as to how to fix the problem would be of help.

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