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Copying cell with HKP does not copy Verify attribute value.

Question asked by veronique.embach-deeg on Nov 12, 2014

There is a convenient feature to mark cells verified in cell editor.


We are using automation tools to extract part of library to outside.

In particular, for cells we are using HKP2CellDB.exe and CellDB2HKP.exe to export HKP files and import them later.

Unforunately, attribute „Verified“ value is somehow lost in target library.


If do that with Library Services (radio button "cell data file"), it works in the same way.



But, if select “Library database” radio button, then cells “Verified” flag is copied correctly.

We could update “Verified” flag with COM API right after HKP import, but this leads to change of last modification date, and such a behavior is undesirable.

We need to copy cell keeping either ‘Verified’ flag or last modification date.


Is there any way to run copying cells (command line, automation script) from one library to another directly (without hkp, as for ‘Library database’ radio button)?

Is there another solution for copying cells with ‘Verified’ attribute, not changing Last Modification date?