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HyperLynx DRC electrical nets assignments

Question asked by ivandegracia on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by M_Ishikawa

Hello everybody,


I'm doing my final project degree using HyperLynx DRC in Lear Corporation and I've several questions. I've used the PCB Expedition to create the layout from the DxDesigner schematic and then I've exported and launched the HyperLynx DRC from the PCB Expedition (Analysis --> Export and launch HyperLynx DRC 6.1) and I've evaluated some rules (the easiest’s).


I’m going to explain my problem with an example: the SI rule Many Vias has as a prerequisites Radiation_High and Radiation_Medium object lists. So, I’ve explored these two object lists in HyperLynx DRC (Analysis Setup --> Object Lists) and I don’t have any electrical net in Radiation_High list and all the nets in Radiation_Medium list. I know that the lists are created using filters and in these cases, the filters depend on the value of the RADIATION CLASS of the electrical nets and it can be set to Medium/Low/High.


The problem starts here, because I’ve seen that all the electrical nets of my PCB are assigned to Medium value in the Radiation Class column (as in the picture below) and for this reason I have all the electrical nets in the Radiation_Medium list. But I want to set the value of the Radiation Class depending on the information provided by the PCB Expedition or CES or DxDesigner schematic. In my case I have three net classes defined in CES: Default, Radiant and Sensitive (black circle in the picture below). The question is: how can I change the assignation of this value in order to depend on some parameter set in the schematic, PCB layout or CES? How and why is it set to Medium value?