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Importing OrCAD PCB Designer Layout into PADS

Question asked by budnoel on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by robertf64

Hello - I am trying to import a layout from OrCAD PCB Designer Layout into PADS.  I've already downrevd my design to 16.3 and I also have some skill scripts that I've been told are required to prepare the design for import. The instructions from the "Allegro to PADS Layout Translator User's Guide" instruct me to run "main out" at the command window.  When I execute the command this is what the command window displays:


Command > main out

Please wait...extracting and processing technology file

Converting techfile...

Executing command C:/Users/bnoel/D3 Remote/PADS_CONVERSION/NEWCONVERT/NEWVERSION_MGC/Work\techconv.bat

Error: Techfile conversion failed!

E- Cannot open script file; 'C:/Users/bnoel/D3.scr' does not exist.

Command >


I've noticed that there appears to have been an error in the SKILL script that was discovered and corrected from reviewing the PADS release notes from October 2012.  Here is what I'm finding:


DR 851006—Allegro to PADS translation documentation is confusing users and must be



DR 885038—Allegro script error - E- *Error* get/getq: first arg must be either symbol, list,

defstruct or user type - 0


DR 895285—Help info for Allegro translator contains data about Orcad translations


Is there some updated information that might possibly be shared with me to enable me to complete the translation?  I would sincerely appreciate the assistance.  Thanks in advance.