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    Keyboard short cuts for vesys classic.


      Hi All, I am using a keyboard (Miscrosoft Sidewinder X4) that allows me to create macros and shortcuts in various ways.

      I can record certain macro's, basically the CAD keyboard short cuts. I can record keystrokes easily but it will not records mouse actions.

      I would like to assign various Vesys commands to my macro buttons but I dont seem to be able to create and keyboard short cuts in the first place.

      I though many years ago I had assigned connector to F2 and bundle to F3 however I don't seem to be able to do this.

      i can assign the likes of ^c^c_vh_bundle to a macro but this just comes up with unknown command.

      Does anyone have any ideas, I know Classic is no longer supported now but cannot bear to use V2.


      many thanks