Anyone else migrating from Logic to xDxDesigner?

Discussion created by Pete on Nov 19, 2014
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I have resisted for years making the switch, there was just too much Logic legacy here.  I didn't want to maintain 2 libraries and design flows.  The VX release changed the xDx library structure, we purchased HyperLynx, so now seemed to be the time.


I'm running into a LOT of questions.  Getting quite frustrated.


What I've found is the library migration is not really so straightforward.  There are enough differences that need to be addressed first.  Simple things like Logic uses "\" prefix to negate a symbol, xDx uses "~" (prefix or suffix, I'm not sure since i can't figure out how to show pin names)


What I think I'm realizing is that the new xDx library structure is NOT the same as the PADS Flow (Logic or Layout).  In PADS Flow, the Part Type gathered up a generic logic symbol and PCB decal, assigned pin numbers and names to both, and used the same Part Type on the schematic and board.  xDx seems to be more like Board Station, where the logic symbol is not generic, it must have pin names and numbers already assigned.  the Part Type is only used to connect the symbol to a PCB decal, using a packager.


This is a HUGE difference in the way libraries are managed!  I'm having second thoughts about changing to xDx.  Has anyone else been able to do this successfully?  I'd like to share ideas, maybe we can all figure this out together?


What I've done and found so far:


If a (Logic) CAE decal is used in a part type that has pin names assigned, the library migrator creates a new symbol.  For example, I have quite a few op amps, all using a single CAE decal and "+" and "-" pin names assigned in the part type.  xDx creates quite a few op amp symbols, all exactly the same.   If I remove the pin names, it lets me use the same symbol for all my op amps.  I removed as many pins names as possible from my Part Types prior to conversion, I'll have to live with the rest of the additional symbols created.  But this makes library management much harder.


The aforementioned "\" vs "~".  Again, edit the entire library to change all of these.  That's as soon as I can figure out is the "~" goes before or after.


CAE Decals allowed pace holders for any attributes you wanted to display, called "Free Label".  The library migrator doesn't handle this, you must go back and explicitly assign the desired attribute display.


xDx will not allow gate swapping using different symbols, as Logic did.  For example, I had created inverted symbols for many gates so that I did not need to clean up text when i wanted to rotate a gate. The migrator strips the swap code in these cases.  For safety's sake, I had to remove all of the alternate decals to preserve swap codes.


the PINB inverted pin becomes just lines in xDx.  Manually making this an inverted pin creates a "double bubble" pin.


With almost 4000 Parts in my library, I ended up exporting to a text file so i could write Visual Basic in Excel to clean all this up pre migration.  I don;t have an idea on automating the post migration cleanup requirements.


Any body else doing this?  It's not helping that I have no training in xDx, and my company will not pay for any.  I'm sort of flying blnd here.