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Opposite layer defined in pad stack comes out as inner layer in 4 layer layout design

Question asked by parth.sutariya on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by david.ricketts

Hello All ,


I have created a mounting hole with inner diameter and outer diameter pad style .


I have defined values for mounted side , inner side , opposite side and top-bottom SM .


I have associated manual copper in top-bottom electrical layer and top-bottom SM .


But when this part is used in 4 layer layout design , the copper which is associated with bottom comes in inner layer i.e 2nd layer for 4 layer board .


It does not come in bottom layer i.e 4th layer for 4 layer layout design .


It assumes the opposite side defined in pad stack for that part as the 2nd layer .


So please guide as if how can I get the opposite side copper in the actual bottom layer i.e 4th layer ?


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Parth Sutariya

Hardware CAD Engineer


Vadodara , Gujarat