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    Why I like Logic better than DxD


      I've been a user of both Logic and DxD for a while now (I'm presently using 9.5, I haven't seen a reason to make the VX jump).  While I create schematics in Logic, when I have to contract out design work it is occasionally done in DxD, so I have to support both.  I started a list of my top level frustrations with DxD.  Hopefully Mentor can tell me how to make DxD easier to use.  Maybe these can be some good marketing points. 


      1. When I open a design in Logic all pages are open automatically. In DxD I have to open each page individually. 

      2. In Logic when I select a net it gets highlighted on every page, so when I move to another page the net is already highlighted and VERY EASY TO FIND!  DxD only highlights the net on the active page. 

      3. In Logic when I select a net I can find all pages with that net by simply selecting the ‘Sheets’ dialog on the main toolbar. 

      4. In Logic <right-click>(Fields) and I can update multiple fields, such as revision and ‘checked by’ date. 

      5. In Logic, Fields that I update are automatically applied to every schematic page.  In DxD I need to update the revision field on every page, so if I have a 20 page schematic I have to do the same operation 20 times instead of once.

      6. In Logic, Project Explorer will show me all the nets for the entire design.  DxD only shows me all the nets on a page. 

      7. Using Logic feels like Win 7.  DxD still feels like Windows 3.1 (from when I first started using ViewDraw).  The DxD GUI feels very outdated. 


      Comments and suggestions welcome!

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          Thanks for your feedback, we are aware of some of the neat features in Logic and will be considering them as we further develop xDX Designer. On points 4 & 5 above, similar functionality is available in DxDesigner, albeit using a different methodology. To update border properties across a project (fields in Logic) go to Settings - Borders and Zones  - select the Border Properties button and then edit the dialog that opens to change global settings. Now you have to run one more step - Tools - Update Other Objects  and select 'Properties'. This will push the changes across the project. The reason for the extra step is due to ability of DxDesigner to support multi-user concurrent design, so you need to control project wide changes such as these.

          With xDX Designer we've added further usability enhancements that you should find increase your productivity in the tool further, details can be found on SupportNet here http://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id=MG585786&lang=en&prod=C107-S123-G145-P10233

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            I am right now working on migrating from Logic to xDx, so at this point, I still like Logic better.  Some of the reasons you mentioned kept me from making this switch, but the VX updates changed the game.  GUI is much better, Library structure is closer to Logic (though not as close as advertised).  We now have Hyperlynx seats, the tighter integration is what has me moving to xDx.  Otherwise, I would stay with Logic.  I have no training or experience in xDx, what I've found so far is that it seems more cumbersome.  I'm hoping that gets better with familiarity.


            But what's really stopping me from changing is the Library Migration.  There are quite a few holes in the translation.  The guys at Mentor have been good working with me to figure it out, but currently it requires a LOT of massaging, and I still haven't found all the glitches.  I have a thread here about it   but I'm getting no response, so I assume not many people are trying to migrate from Logic to xDx with their legacy libraries intact.