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    Automation for Dx-Designer "Clear Backups"




      Is there any automation involved in clearing all the schematic sheet backups at one go?

      There are no means to access the File menu within "viewdraw" application and then access the command "Clear Backups".


      Please let us know if there any ways of automation. (Any batch files or exe files within Dx-Designer installation location?)




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          Hello in this subroutine as example.

          You can work with that. Good luck


              Sub CopyFoders(oldpath, newpath)

          Dim sfolder, oldfolder, newfolder, SfolderName, SubFolders                  
          Dim fso : Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
                  Set oldfolder = fso.GetFolder(oldpath)
                  'Set newfolder = fso.GetFolder(newpath)
                  'Set schFiles = oldfolder.Files
                  Set sfolder = oldfolder.SubFolders
                  For Each SubFolders In sfolder
                      SfolderName = SubFolders.name
                      If (SfolderName = "database" ) Then           
                          SubFolders.Copy newpath & "\" & SfolderName,True
                      end if
                 Set fso = Nothing
              End Sub

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