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      • 15. Re: Copy a components Instance Value to Block Value

        Having been caught by Instance Values disappearing when I moved stuff from one sheet to another, I was directed to the DxMerge_V4.efm.zip script by Mentor UK support.

        Initially, I found that it was fragile and either failed to do anything useful to lower level sheets or crashed.

        However, I did find that when set to go 'from here down' and to have debugging on, it converted all the Instance values to Block values painlessly and fairly quickly.  8-)

        It does the job, so many thanks!

        • 16. Re: Copy a components Instance Value to Block Value

          Thank you for the feedback ! It has been a while since I updated the piece of automation. I may need to revisit for the newest VX.2.3/2.4 releases.

          If you have specific problems with it, please let me know and I'll make time to address them.

          I actually had a issue being mentioned outside this forum, where the 'From here down was said to be not working. You appear to have seen the opposite.

          Like I said - please post specific issues here and I'll deal with them.

          Thanks for helping me improve the script.


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