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Start action after Schematic is opened and displayed

Question asked by delinquent on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by peter_festesen

Hi all,

I like to start some action after a project is loaded and schematic is initially displayed.

Unfortunately DxDesigner does enter Sub.

Sub Application_AfterDocumentOpened(VDDT_SCHEMATIC)

....[some statements]...

End Sub

What's wrong here? Any suggestions?

I'm sure there is something stupid with my code since I'm newbie on Automation...



äääh, yes...

I also tried

Sub Application_ProjectChanged(IProjectData)

...[some code]...

End Sub

That is workling well, but the required:

Set docObj = SchematicSheetDocuments.Open(schemStr, sheetStr) open a schematic sheet, crashes DxDesigner. -> DR

So that's no option for me, unfortunately.