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Pads Scripts

Question asked by angamuthu.kumarasamy on Dec 7, 2014

Hi All,


I am working in PADS 9.x version.I just want to know the purpose of some scripts.


(i)zoomExtentsAll - This scripts zoom all the extends in pads logic.But its not showing if any text or label placed outside the template outline.Is there any script ?


(ii)select all SMD components - Unique purpose of this script?


(iii)count SMT pads - This script is not working can u please help on this?


(iv)decrease layer - Couldn't able to reduce the layers.Kindly advise


(v)Can you please share if there is any script for deducting the silkscreen falling over pad,via,component outline?


(vi)Geometry height - Occur error while running this script


(vii)mergedesigns -  Couldn't able to merge.please advise


Above mentioned scripts are taken from Mentor only hope you know.So I haven't attached the scripts.