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    Electrical Parameters


      Hi everybody,


      How I can declare the edge rate, frequency...of the nets of my design in order to be imported to the HyperLynx DRC? For example, the rule "Exposed Length" needs the edge rate of each net in order to calculate the ExposedPercent parameter. The unique solution to set the frequency, edge rate... is to use the IBIS model assignment? Or is there another solution?



      Thank you!



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          Ed Bartlett

          Hello Ivan,

                   The method of declaring an edge rate or Frequency is using IBIS models assigned in CES.


          There are a few options within HLDRC besides using the IBIS model.


          1. You could create your own model and assign to the pins/nets



          2. There is a Global setting for Edge Rate Setup-Options –Default Values (This must be set before the HLDProj file is created).


          3. Select the Net and in the properties dialog change the value for Rise and Fall Times


          I hope that this is helpful information for you.


          Best regards,


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            Thank you Ed, this is really helpful!

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              Hello Ed,


              I've realized that in my case, I don't have Rise and Fall Time (also other parameters as Voltage Swing) in the Net Properties Dialog...so I can't change their value as you said in option 3:



              Do you have any idea to solve it?


              About option 2 I can't use it because I need to change these type of parameters depending on nets, so each net should have its own edge rate, frequency...Finally, option 1 would be helpful but I suppose that it's more complex than option 3 so if I can fix the explained problem it wouldn't be necessary.