Congratulations to the 2014 winners of the Technology Leadership Awards!

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Mentor Graphics would like to heartily thank everybody who submitted their designs to the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. We're proud to announce the winners in each category:


Category: Best Overall Design

  • Company: Alcatel-Lucent Italia
  • Design team: Fabrizio Crippa, Giovanni Villa, Sergio Pirovano, Massimo Pollastri, Stefano Cornini, Luigi Aldeghi, Fabio Villa, Paolo Scotti, Massimiliano Severi, Ivan Malaspina, Fabio Frigerio, Donato Maggi
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Computers, Blade & Servers, Memory Systems

  • 1st place: Seagate Technology LLC
    • Design team: Andre’ Dutko, Keith MacLean
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Sanmina Corp.
    • Design team: Damodhar Chakravarthy Mallisetty, Tom Thomas, Birla Manoharan
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Consumer Electronics & Handhelds

  • 1st place: Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
    • Design team: Larry Paul, Sanat Kapoor, Stephen Baker, Danlin Xiang, Michael Tex, Scott Asbill
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place:  Wizlogix Pte. Ltd
    • Design team: Vivian Ong Ai Lian, Tan Shean Huey, Romeo Pineda
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Security & Medical

  • 1st place: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
    • Design team: Andreas Schaefer, Timo Bruderek, Joachim Bub, Andreas Titz, Willi Neukam, Peter Bräu, Werner Hasubick, Rudi Häußermann, George Emanuel Valceanu
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Valtronic SA
    • Design team: Gabriel Gay, Van Ly Mai, Cristian Anton, Bert de Vries
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Military & Aerospace

  • 1st place: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    • Design team: Dave Petrick, D.Albaijes, Banks Walker
    • Using: PADS
  • 2nd place: BAE Systems
    • Design team: Matthew Offredi, Gary Chambers, Daniel Smith, Sammy Laver, Ross McCullie, Gary Prior
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Telecom, Network Controllers, Line Cards

  • 1st place: RAD
    • Design team: Olga Goykhberg, Svetlana Zlotnik, Didier Halimi; Dorit Leizer, Sharona Manasherov
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Ericsson TV
    • Design team: Rob Dickinson, Paul White, John Curtis
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Transportation & Automotive

  • 1st place: Visteon Corp.
    • Design team: Hai Pham, Padmanaban Kanagaraj, Krzysztof Russa
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Visteon Corp.
    • Designer: Nagarajan Mani
    • Using: Xpedition Enterprise


To find more information on the winners and their designs, visit the 2014 TLA Winners page on


John McMillan has also written a blog featuring the winners of the Military and Aerospace category—the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center! Read more about the team and their winning design here: NASA Wins Mentor Technology Leadership Awards with PADS!


Once again, we thank everybody who submitted designs and extend our congratulations to those whose designs were selected. If you missed your chance this year, we hope that this year's winners will inspire you to submit a design to next year's TLAs!