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    Query about Die photograph from Pyxis Layout


      Initially, I've   made the schematic of the basic functional block in MOS level. Then its layout has been made and simulated properly. It passed all rule checks.

      Using this block, the final circuit schematic and its layout have been made. Using the 'peek' option, the inner circuitry of the block has been incorporated into the layout. Then I've done the power routing. So, after the 'routing'(aroute / iroute whatever), 'add text on ports' and 'verification of layout', is there any step left? Is it the last possible step of the PYXIS Layout Editor or there's something else? How can I get the DIE PHOTOGRAPH from Pyxis? If possible, please tell me the procedure.

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          Once you have completed your layout with Pyxis Layout, you would use the Calibre tools to perform physical verification. You use Calibre DRC to check your layout against the foundry design rules. Once the layout is DRC clean, you use Calibre LVS to compare the layout to the schematic. If this process produces no errors, then you would output GDSII from Pyxis Layout. This is then used to fabricate the chip by the foundry. I believe this is what you mean by "die photograph", the GDSII data. Am I correct?