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How to locate and restore original size of scaled symbols in DxDesigner

Question asked by dcox on Dec 17, 2014

If a symbol is added to a schematic the user has the option to scale the symbol.  This keeps the symbol origin on grid, but shifts everything else, including the pins, potentially to an off grid location. The snap to pin and orthogonal routing made it easy to add initially, but makes for sloppy editing and inconsistent documentation.  If I replace the symbol with one from our current library, the scale factor is retained and the replaced symbol is also scaled.  I would like to be able to A- identify other than visually which parts are scaled (based on having to replace them one at a time) and/or B- change ALL the scaled components on a schematic back to their original size.  Mentor has a nice "Reposition Properties" and "Reset Text Properties" option for their symbols but nothing about "Reset Size" or a "Ignore scaling when replacing parts" check box.


My problem is that many of our older schematics were created on D size sheets with oversized generic parts and plotted on B size paper.  Because everything was so big, the EEs scaled some parts to get extra circuitry on a sheet. When it was printed some of the text is so small you can barely see it.  I am upgrading these schematics and cleaning them up.


In the older ascii schematic sheets it was easy to find the library and scale factor for a component and a grep type program could find and change it globally, but not now.  Here, C472 is identified as being from the analog library and scaled to 50% from the original.


I 649 analog:C 1 2670 1010 0 0.5 '

A 2700 1025 20 0 1 3 VALUE=0.1UF

A 2695 1045 20 0 3 3 REFDES=C472

C 537 9 1 0

A 2682 1050 5 0 3 3 #=1

C 648 2 2 0

A 2682 1020 5 0 1 3 #=2


Mentor Support says they would be happy to help me fix an issue with their software by writing a script if I want to pay them extra for it but since we already pay over $15,000 a year in support, I don't think so.  I can't be the first person to have this problem.



Any ideas?