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    Decal level component keepouts.


      I tried to get decal level component keepouts to allow me to place components under a component if there height is lower than a specified value. Has anyone been able to get this to work ?

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          I did a similar thing back in 2007; I must have been using PADS 2005 at the time.  I had an either-or situation, where I either installed a 4-port isolator IC or four series resistors in the same area instead.  I was surprised that PADS issued no clearance warnings about that at all. 


          With real geometry.height data you'll never see it in a 3D view.  When I made my resistors taller than the IC as a test I did see four lumps in the IC package.


          Rules would be nice for this.


          John D

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            This is a new feature in 9.5 pads. Just trying to find out how to make it work correctly. I get body to body errors with parts inside other parts regardless of having or not having a component height keepout in the decal.

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              Interesting.  I ran the design rule check in 9.5 on this design and it still doesn't complain; no body to body errors.  I see that the help file shows that PADS is claiming to do what you want:


              "Prevents placement of components within the keepout area when design rule checking is enabled. When used in combination with the Component height check box, it prevents placement only of those components with heights greater than the Component height value." 


              I see body to body clearance is grayed out in the decal editor design rules dialog. 


              Ah, maybe this little note in the Design Rule Hierarchy Help dialog: 


              1. Decal rules

                Restriction: Decal rules are not used in PADS Layout

              1. Component rules

                 Restriction: Component rules are not used in PADS Layout.


              So where are they used?  In Router?  Is this a placeholder for some future enhancement? 

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                Decal and Component rules do work in the router.

                If you have a courtyard on both decals and  it is displayed and also you have placement outline on in setup verify design you will get a body to body error.

                Is what you see without errors the same ?




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                  Body to body was unchecked.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I didn't know the default was unchecked. 

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                    My first post here, so sorry for any etiquette failure.
                    I was browsing through keepout discussions and noticed a useful looking panel on the left of your December 17, pastedimage_0.png,

                    try as i might i cant find that in any of out PADS tools (still on 9.5) is there a special way to invoke this?

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                      From my point of view this function is pretty much useless.

                      I cannot get it to work as expected. But Mentor of course thinks it works pretty well.

                      I wonder who tested it?


                      See this thread:

                      Re: Anybody got Component Height Keepout to work?