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Cells get modified after emn import

Question asked by shivkumarr on Dec 19, 2014
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We are facing a problem where cells of some fixed component get modified after import.

For eg. We have two connectors J1 & J2 with the same and cell associated to it which needs to be placed through EMN from the Mechanical.


After importing the EMN one of the cells get modified like one of the below changes we faced recently.

1) The placement outline get moved.

2) The cell is oriented to a certain angle, but the properties show 0 deg only.

If J1 is changed J2 is as per the library. We tried some options like unplacing and placing it again, rebuilding the library database during Packager & Forward Annotation.


Currently we are doing a work around by deleting the part in the schematic and adding it with a different Refdes and importing in Expedition.

later we rename the part to the correct Refdes as per the EMN.


Below is the snapshot of the connector showing 0degs in properties while the cell is having some odd orientation.


Is there something we must take note while importing EMN or  how can this be detected if some other components too have a problem like this.

Has anyone faced  similar issue?


We are using Expedition PCB EE7.9.5