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Using favorite my_parts in xDxD

Question asked by milostnik on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by robert_davies

Hello folks,


I have expected the favorite my-parts to behave exactly the same as if I put a component from DxDB. I have noticed that this is not the case. Following a description of the differences and a question.


Is this another case of Works As Designed, where designed is not exactly what the user expects it to be?



I open xDxD and imagine I choose a component from DxDB, and drag it in the favorite section.


Now let see the four different way of put it on the schematic.


1 dragging from the DxDB window directly into the schematic.



The component will be placed and has all its pins and property defined as has been all along.



2 dragging from favorite unassigned

(as default the favorite components will be slot unassigned)

and onto schematic

all seems ok, apart from the pins that are unassigned


3 dragging from favorite slot 12

we change to slot and all seems ok

and drag it to the schematic

Perfect, all as expected.

Now for completedness just the same unassigned from DxDB

4 dragging form DxDB unassinged slot


Everything in parameters. As I am happy as it is I close the project, close xDxD and go sleep...

The next day I reopen xDxD and the project and want to use the favorite part.


2b dragging from favorites unassigned

before I even grab the favorite component I notice that the values of the favorite components are lost.

and if I place something like this on the schematic it has half of the information it had before.

Also the visibility of some property has changed.


3b dragging from favorite slot

changing the slot information does only influence the slot but not the missing properties.


3b dragging from DxDB

Placing the same component from DxDB still works as expected


Does this mean that favorite component are stored only partially and upon reentry in the tool they will be not my favorite parts anymore, but merely the part that was dragged from DxDB without any property, as selected with DxDB?


If this is so, what is the purpose of the favorite parts?


Thanks for any clarification.