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    FloEFD turbulence model


      Dear All

      I am using FloEFD to simulate natural ventilation in building. Through my search in papers, I found that the other commercial software use turbulence models like standard K-e, RNG K-e and SST K-w to solve the equations. In this case, the previous studies compared these models with field measurement to validate and choose the best model for further modeling and simulation. However, I could not find the turbulence models which establish in FloEFD software to solve equations. My question is what turbulence models does FloEFD software use for simulation? I appreciate your kindly respond in advance.

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          Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, at this time we currently do not have a community for this product are. However, I have passed your question on to the appropriate group and have asked them to review your question..

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            Hi. I'm the support manager for Mechanical Analysis products. You'll find a full discussion of how FloEFD handles turbulence in the FloEFD Technical Reference, particularly in the "Governing Equations" section. This document is supplied with the software and is also available on SupportNet. As was pointed out above, we don't currently have a communities site for FloEFD. There is a group on Linked In called "FloEFD -- CFD embedded in MCAD", which you may wish to join.

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              Dear Richard, Thanks for kindly reply. Yes I have red the technical references before. As I have investigated through other CFD commercial packages like ANSYS, they are using different turbulent models like standard K-e, RNG k-e or SST K-w to validate the software by comparison of results with measurement. In this case, there is choice for researcher to choose the best turbulent model for further simulation. However, I found that FloEFD uses modified K-e two equations to solve turbulent flow. In this case, I would like to ask you do I have any option in software to choose other turbulent models and run the simulation with them? Or there is no choice and further turbulent model in FloEFd and I have to run all simulation with modified K-e two equations and compare with data from my measurement?