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    Create Variant Manager report from a VBscript


           I've recently began scripting for dxdesigner with vbs script, both of which are relatively new to me. I need to write a script that generates an excel report from the variant manager.

      This is not the BOM report, which I can do in vbscript easily, the one i need is when you right click on the variant document in the manger and select reports > Microsoft Excel. Does any one know how to access this functionality through a vbscript? ive gone through the automation references many times, if what im trying to do is even possible, any help what so ever would be appreciated.


      Attached is a visual of the option I need to access from a script in the dxdesigner interface.


      thank you for your time.

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          Hello Nathan


          I am very sure that it can be done. Attached please find a script that will help you in your quest, I hope. It is started from inside DxDesigner (Open File - set file type to .efm)

          This script produces a txt file - then gives the option to reformat the output. I just provide this as an example. It is not written by me, I just happened to pick it up at one point.


          Anyway - the reformatting is probably not relevant - so skip that.


          Have a look at the Sub ButtonCreateVariantBOM_EventClick()

          To start, you will have to figure out the important parts that start with vmbom (these are all the setups)


          Importnat, since you want to create Excel files, is the vmbom.Format - it is set to 1 (for txt) but needs to be modified to 4 (xls)

          vmBOM.Format = 1

          changes to

          vmBOM.Format = 4


          I believe that just doing that (and getting rid of the other (Reformat ) button will get you started.


          Somewhere I have another script, that starts outside of DxDesigner - if you are interested, let me know, and I'll find it. If I remember correctly, it starts DxDEsigern in the background, and chucks out Variant Boms for all variants.


          For the details, make sure to take a look at the documentation :  eevm_auto.pdf in your local Mentor folder...


          I hope this helps...