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    Additional Attached Parts


      Here's another brain-picker


      To aid in servicing of wire harnesses, I'd like to show additional parts used on a connector. While the information is available in the attached BOM, I'd like to see it readily available by the connector.


      Ideally I'd like to show terminals & plugs used, I found that I can edit the cavity wire table to show part numbers used for each cavity, but the problem with that is on large connectors (like 50 cav and up) The table becomes massive.   In the "Attached Parts" W8P is shown automatically per "mandatory" selection of the connector housing. I'd like something similar to that, but with terminals. I've illustrated below what I would like to do- I manually added the Cavity Plug, and the two terminals. But I noticed that the minimum number I can enter is 1 (vesys will change 0.0 to 1.0) Which is problematic  because that impacts the BOM as well.


      Is it possible to either have a table (perhaps another) which would show used housing components, either showing the actual quantity used (without impacting the BOM) or ignoring a quantity altogether? Or perhaps in the least, the QTY shown on some parts in "attached parts" is not included on BOM, and I could cover it up with a graphic?   I don't care to see which cavities use which terminal (or plug, or seal, or whatever) I just want to provide part numbers to steer anyone servicing it on the right track.


      attached parts.png




      For reference, this is what I kinda want to avoid, and that's only on 8 cavities... Imagine a connector with a few dozen.

      attached parts2.png


      Thanks for your time



      (on another note, sometimes I have issues with tables and apply style, sometimes I have to "Force Apply Style" to get it to work... What is this overriding exactly? On problematic tables, they are "un-fixed" and do not have the "Exclude from apply-style" checked. In the end, due to the force apply style it works out, just curious though.)

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          I understand what you are trying to accomplish you are wanting just a total below the connector. Like this connector takes 4 of terminal -16141 and 3 -1631 without telling you which pins the exactly go into.


          Another thing you could do is make a custom report... but that is a mystery in itself how to create those.