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About Pads VX.0 xDM Library Tools Problem!

Question asked by jin-zhifeng on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by jin-zhifeng

       I on to download the trial version of 14 days PADSVX, install the software, I use xDX Designer open software included with the example [C:\PADS Evaluation Guide\PADSVX.0\Lesson30\Lesson30.prj], and then click the xDM Library symbol editor will pop up a prompt error dialog box, display "runtime error!... nse. exe"


      I change another computer (win8.1) was found to have the same problem, I find the software installation directory C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.0\SDD_HOME\nse\win32, find the "nse. exe_old "and "nse. exe" two files, I deleted the "nse. exe" file, and then put the "nse. exe_old" file renamed "nse. exe", and then did not appear this problem!


      I'd like to know your computer will have the same bug?      thanks!




xDxDesigner bug.JPG


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