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How to reload DECAL after re-order library

Question asked by FS on Jan 15, 2015
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I have this problems:

in PCB layout librarys (insert into library managers)  there are some components (for example 0402) there are present in different library.

So when I run Eco to PCB (by PADS LAYOUT Link into PADS logic), the Eco transfet the netlist to PCB and load the decal from library with the order : first search component decal in first library, after if not present search decal component in second library ecc...ecc.

When found decal into library put decal compont into pcb files.

Now I changed library order and like to reload decal symbols from new library order but into old pcb files where was putted the component in the right position befor start with router (no traced are present).

Is it possible change decal component witouth change positions components?

Thanks a lot

PADs PCB LAyout and LOGIC 9.5