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DCLib2DX Library corruption

Question asked by chris.smith on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by robert_davies

Has anyone seen this significant issue where in 7.9.5 (base and even Update 24) completely corrupts the pin name position and rotation for all pins on the 0M, 90M etc.
This essentially destroys thousands of mirror views and makes us unable to use the translator.



SR 2673266566


DCLIB2DX  -  DC to DxD Library Translator. Version 2.4.0  Build 657775



This is what the DC master looks like



And this is what it translates to in DXD




It seems to be correct in the latest VX release but this is unacceptable for us because we have active plans

in releasing 7.9.5 Update 24 first and then later VX after extensive testing.