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ModelSim FLEXID dongle from 2004

Question asked by optimumsemi on Jan 15, 2015
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We used to have the parallel-port FLEXID dongle back from 2004 and using for ModelSim PE-vcom and PE-vsim in our desktop. The license file should be still good until 2033 (please see the below). Now we are starting another design and wondering how to reinstate/replace these FLEXID dongles?

I just read from this communities and understand we need to replace these FLEXID with USB hardware key first. How I can verify if my licensing file is still valid and how to start the replacement process?





FEATURE pe-vcom modeltech 2004.08 01-nov-2033 uncounted 7D80508D8B41298E75D0 VENDOR_STRING=AD35AD8A         HOSTID=FLEXID=8-5E70005F6FAB ck=202

FEATURE pe-vsim modeltech 2004.08 01-nov-2033 uncounted 9DD090DDC2E2587DA429 VENDOR_STRING=F66B3A6E         HOSTID=FLEXID=8-5E70005F6FAB ck=33