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    TOC and FPGA


      Hi All,


      is it possible to automatically create TOC(table of content)  of a Dxdesigner project ?


      In my design I'm using a XIlinx kintex ultrascale FPGA in 676 package. is it possible to extract the net name and pin number from the design/symbol/schematic in order to use it to build the Xilnx xdc file?


      Many thanks



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          Once you create the pcb for the particular schematic means, then it is possible to extract net name and pin numbers. By using Report writer can get these details.


          I don't know about automatic creation of table of content.


          I hope that this one will help you.




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            You cannot generate a TOC directly from DxDesigner, see Idea POST data on the Ideas site and vote for this enhancement request. You also cannot create a Xilinx XDC file from DxDesigner you would need Mentor Graphics'  I/O Designer to add such support.