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    Nodelocked license not recognized after disconnecting from the network.


      I'm using LeonardoSpectrum 2004a_63 Level 1 Altera. My license is node locked with a Flex-9 USB key. I have a license file that shows leospecls1 is licensed through 2034 and I'm using the USB key specified in the license file. I have found that LeonardoSpectrum is incompatible with any Windows installation later than XP so I have to use it on an XP machine. A few months ago, our company was required to disconnect all XP machines from the network. I didn’t realize that this would prevent me from opening Leonardo since I use a hardware key.


      Whenever I go to open LeonardoSpectrum I get the following error message:

      There was a problem with your license.
      Your LM_LICENSE_FILE is set to C:\flexlm\license_leo.dat,
      Please move the license file to the default location or
      Please set the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to the location of the license
      Info: Checking if a LeonardoSpectrum Level 1 license is available
      Security Error -12: Checkout of "ls1" failed - Licensing checkout error with feature ls1. (Error code -12.)
      A communication error has occurred with the license server.
      The license server may not be running. Stopping and restarting
      the server may correct the problem. Also, running this program
      on the server machine may produce a more detailed report.


      I've tried to use LMTOOLS to run a local server with the license.dat file and haven't had any luck. I cannot figure out what I would fill in for the SERVER line if I'm hosting the license on the local machine. Why does a node locked license require connecting to a server? What am I doing wrong and what can I do to get LeonardoSpectrum to open?

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          Hello Andrew,


          There are many things that could be the cause of your problem.  Three possibilities are:


          Have you got LM_LICENSE_FILE set correctly?  if your license server has moved (to this machine) are you sure you are not still looking for a different server.  If you have the pcls_ok utility, use it to check where you are looking for licenses.  If you have an old reference, correct it.


          Do you need a license server?  Only if your license includes a SERVER line and the INCREMENT lines have a count of 1 or more.  (If your license has a count of 0, then no SERVER line is required.  Instructions on setting up a license server are available here.


          Is the only change that the machine is now out of the network?  (The license server has always been running on this machine, but it has now stopped working.)  Disconnecting the Ethernet cable used to cause the network card to stop.  This used to cause problems with licenses based on the MacAddress, but I've not seen problems specifically with dongles.  This can be overcome by setting the registry key as detailed here.