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how to control the drill size for different pin size

Question asked by amos.kolath on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by amos.kolath

I am looking for the correct way to check if the drill size is not too small/ big for the pins of TH devices.  


I was using the "Small Hole for Rect Pin" / "Small Hole for Round Pin" / "Small Hole for Square Pin" together with the variable "v_XXX_board_pin_to_hole_diameters"




for many pin sizes (defined in the "v_XXX_board_pin_to_hole_diameters") the system reports "no pin size defined"

in MG584683 I see that actually the only supported pin are r30 s20 and rect10x20


so the Q is :

What you guys are doing? does it work for you / did you find other ways to solve this issue