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Regarding Variant Manager in DxDesigner

Question asked by sunny.watts1 on Jan 28, 2015



I have one query regarding the variant manager of DxDesigner.


This is regarding addition of alternate part number in variant but with the different package id (cell name). There is one way in which we can bypass package type in variant. But we do not want to bypass this.


For example:


Part No - x1 (Cell/Footprine – d1872_1)

Part No - x2 (Cell/Footprine – d1875_1)


We want to add x2 as alternate to x1 in variant.  Because both the parts almost identical (2 pins, same pitch, only minor difference in material and width (x1 is bigger than x2).


Is there any way without bypassing the package type?


I tried by changing the cell id locally in the design library by editing PDB. But variant takes inputs from corporate database.


Please provide your inputs on the same.


Thanks & Regards,

Sunny Watts