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    3D in VX1 - import models


      Hello all,

      I play with 3D viewer in a VX1 and I don't know how to import 3D models... it is impossible because "Import Models" in menu is grayed.

      Where is the problem?


      Thank you very much


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          Hi Martin,


          in 3D window select a cell and try again.


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            Hi Bortolo,

            thank you - it works. For me it is strange method than in 7.9.5 - was. It is too time consuming process... for each type of connector have to switch to the board window and back. (In 7.9.5 was nice list window...)


            I noticed a next think - format of 3D model.

            Is supported wrl as in 7.9.5? If yes, It seems there is an error. I imported such a model but I saw only a solder pads of component but no body. I checked the display control but no idea.