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Changing vias in an MVO

Question asked by mgeisler on Jan 30, 2015

I am trying to change the via padstack in an MVO but without success.

Code as follows:


    ForEach mvoObjIn pcbDoc.MultiVias(epcbSelectAll)
        'Create the padstack object for the MVO span
        Set padStk = pcbDoc.PutPadstack(mvoObj.StartLayer, mvoObj.EndLayer, "Via_Rnd_60um_[30um]")
      'Set the padstack in the MVO to the new padstack
        mvoObj.CurrentPadstack = padStk

I get this error message:

'This padstack cannot be used with this object. Check the Padstack type'


If I use Set mvoObj.CurrentPadstack= padStk, I get this message:

'Object doesn't support this property or method: mvoObj.CurrentPadstack'


Any ideas how to resolve the issue?