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empty auth codes file

Question asked by agingras on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by ken_foster



We use PADS 2005 and PADS 9.3.1, using the configurator.

The person who used to take care of the licensing and maintain the tool has left and I have to take over and am a bit lost.


We apparently used to pay for support and received the license file every year.

Now last year the support was not renewed because we apparently never needed it. We were supposed to still be able to use the PADS software.


The PCB designer person has started to receive messages in January that we had xx days left to use the software.

I sent a message to Mentor to know about the next step but did not get a reply.


This morning, PADS works only in demo mode.

I contacted Mentor again and got an answer. I was told that I could download the auth codes from SupportNet even if the site was declined (?) and how to do it.

I was also told to go to the community website for any further support.


When I download the file, it's empty.


Is there something else I need to be able to download the license file aside from the site number ?