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    Local Symbol


      I lost the capability to create a new and edit an existing local symbol.  Is there something in the settings that can put back in the right direction?



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          Which editor and which version? If xDX Designer in VX.1 then the commands are on the right mouse context menu as a sub-tree under Symbol - Edit Local Symbol. To create a new local symbol use the File - New  Local symbol from the menu pick.

          If this question is for xDX Designer then we will move the question after your reply.

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            Yes it is.  I got to work after I rebooted the PC.  But it is stuck again.  The "Symbol Editor" appears but the part I need to edit.  Also the File>New>Local Symbol does not work too.

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              The "Symbol Editor" appears but NOT the part I need to edit.  Typo

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                What version of software and what flow?

                Any error messages when you try the 'New local symbol'? Can you edit a symbol from DxDataBook - CL View - Symbols - Local Symbols?

                If none of these work then you should contact your local customer support for assistance - it's not the kind of issue that is easily resolved via a forum.

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                                  EE7.9.5  Flow?


                  No error messages on the output window although, this is what appears:

                  Cns file "C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\standard\ce_ee.cns" loaded (read-only).

                  Custom cns file "C:\WDIR\user.cns" loaded.

                  Custom cns file "U:\SPGEE_CACHE\NG_GND_WDIR\Scripts\user.cns" loaded (read-only).

                  Custom cns file "U:\SPGEE_CACHE\NG_GND_WDIR\user.cns" loaded (read-only).

                  Custom cns file "U:\SPGEE_CACHE\user.cns" loaded (read-only).


                  I can’t edit any symbol I created from DxDataBook too.  Is this a resource issue?


                  -Larry Oshiro

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                    Try TechNote mg580755

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                      Thanks Shannon it worked!!!