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Solder Mask Keepout or small Solder Mask patch area.

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by sajivnglnice

This PCB will be used in a high vacuum cryogenic instrument.

Normally I have a surface plane on top and bottom.  These are done with Gold flash or similar and No Solder Mask.

This metal layer keeps the total exposed FR4 surface area to a minimum, which reduces the effects of outgassing for the FR4.  The Gold finish is also easy to clean from finger prints and oils.


However for this design I have some small pitch SMT parts and the assembler really wants Solder Mask to keep the solder on the pads from wicking between lands. ( I can certainly sympathize with his perspective. )

So I want to put a small area of Solder Mask only where it is needed for manufacturing.


I.E. What I am looking to achieve is to maximize the total area of bare metal and minimize the total area of Solder Mask exposed to the vacuum.


I do not seem to be able to produce Keepouts on the Solder Mask layer like we can with copper pours.


Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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