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    Thermal pad in Cells


      Hi everybody,


      In Cell editor I define a thermal pad using a conductive shape.

      The conductive shape is not so comfortable because on layout with Expedition PCB 7.9.1 it sometimes "dissappears" and you don't know if you have a thermal pad or not.


      What are you using for thermal pads?

      In case you are using conductive shape like me, do you use special properties?


      thanks a lot,


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          Hi Issac,


          You can use ordinary pads instead of conductive shapes.

          For example consider a GND net is having thermal pad. Then you can create pad for particular(GND) net including that thermal pad

          (Resultant pad size = ordinary pad size + thermal pad size).

          By using this method you  won't worry about mask openings and other things. Because you already define mask opening in your pad stack.

          If you are using conductive shape you have to manually draw the solder mask openings.


          I think this one will help you.