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PSPICE to HyperLynx Analog Library Converter

Question asked by ysd_k on Feb 9, 2015


I am working with SCS205KGHR(SiC-Schotoky-Barrier-Diode, ROHM) and need to convert the model to a HLA library by using "HyperLynxAnalog library converter".

However, this Spice model includes lines start wtih ".FUNC~" where the converter make them coment-out.

Here is the line and error message and attached the Spice model and log file.


Message (1): Line 10:

                .FUNC R1(36.05m*I*ABS(I)**0.022*EXP((TEMP-T0)/144.4*EXP((TEMP-T0)/-9154))}

error -- Unknown control card. It will be converted to a comment.


Does anyone know how to use this kind of Spice model on HyperLynxAnalog? or Is there any tools can make the model be able to use on HyperLynxAnalog?


Thank you,