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    Design Capture - End of Support & Decommission of product?




      As we are pushing towards deploying our DXD release there has been a repeating question from executive levels on the termination of the Design Capture product itself.

      What are the long term support plans for Design Capture and is there a period where it will be terminated?  (3yrs - Xyrs from now)


      I understand that Mentor will not pro-actively terminate a product before migrating the user base etc, but is there any projected roadmap/ initiatives in place or hypothetical for the decommission of Design Capture?


      From my perspective it will continue as you have enough customers supporting the sustaining needs for the tool set, but you are no longer investing in DC development & feature improvements etc.


      My issue is trying to clarify a mentor response and stance on DC as we push past into DXD workflows



      Thanks & please respond if possible or forward to the right contacts.


      Chris Smith

      Application Support Analyst | PCB Services

      National Instruments |www.ni.com


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          On 10/9/2012 we informed all DC and DV customers about the migration offer and support for DC/DV going forward. Here the essence of this letter in summary:


          Dear Design Capture or DesignView Customer

          Expedition Enterprise 7.9.x is Mentor Graphics’ proven PCB design flow built on DxDesigner and Expedition. Over the years, substantial investments in the form of new technologies and methodologies have been delivered through Expedition Enterprise. These improvements include constraint-based design, concurrency, FPGA-PCB co-optimization, RF design, and much tighter integration with the other modules in the flow in addition to new reuse concepts and variant management across the flow.

          Many Design Capture and DesignView (DC/DV) customer have already taken advantage of these productivity benefits and have upgraded to Expedition Enterprise.

          Beginning with the recent release of Expedition Enterprise 7.9.4 flow, Mentor Graphics offers its remaining Design Capture customers an additional upgrade opportunity: a low-risk, no-charge upgrade from Design Capture to the new ‘DxDesigner WG’ package. This offer complements existing upgrade options for DesignView customers and includes:

          1. Dual Licensing 
            With the 7.9.4 release all DxDesigner packages integrated with Expedition are dual licensed. This means you can upgrade your Design Capture and Design View seats to DxDesigner (DxD), and have the choice of running either DC/DV or DxD. This capability is permanent and helps to minimize transition concerns.
          2. New Entry-Level DxDesigner WG Suite for Expedition
            The new DxDesigner WG suite provides capabilities similar to Design Capture, benefits from the new flow integration, concurrency support and the generation of intelligent PDFs, and enables additional productivity benefits, such as the optional component-selection system DxDataBook. DxDesigner WG is priced identically to DC.
          3. DxDesigner Enhancements
            Included with DxDesigner 7.9.4 is a simplified upgrade path. Enhancements in usability and functionality have been made to ensure that DxDesigner provides all the capabilities DC customers are accustomed to.
          4. Migration Help 
            Robust and proven translation tools for DC/DV libraries and designs are available with the release install. A new community web site is up & running to guide you through the upgrade process. Additionally a number of tutorials assist with the translation process and to help you learn about CES and output-generation processes. A Virtual Lab allows you to learn DxDesigner without installing software on your computer, and helps you understand how simple the translation process is.
          5. Special training offered
            An upgrade training class for customers who prefer to learn about the new capabilities of DxDesigner in a class room instead of via self-paced tutorials and videos will also be available.

          Our investment and technology focus is on DxDesigner and the Expedition Enterprise flow. Mentor Graphics has no plans to discontinue Design Capture or DesignView products. We will continue to support Design Capture and DesignView and to address defects as needed.


          Since this letter more than 2 years ago, xDX Designer was enhanced even further, with focus on ease of use and ease of transition, specifically for DC/DV customers. Since then the majority of the DC/DV customers already made the move to the xDX Designer driven Xpedition Enterprise flow, benefitting from the enhancements in this flow. In addition we have resolved other issues in the Xpedition Enterprise flow and in the translation tools that were holding some of the remaining customers back. The dual licensing is enabling our customers to use the latest technology in xDX Designer for new and translated designs while launching DC or DV from the same license for minor edits in legacy designs without database migration.


          Our commitment from 2012 has not changed: DC and DV will continue to work with the Xpedition VX layout tools. Critical defects will be addressed as needed to ensure proper operation and transition.

          There are no other plans at this point in time.


          Joe Krolla

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            Since there was no real answer, and seeing that Design Capture is only supported with the 32 bit version of Xpedition Enterprise, when will the 32 bit support end? I know that there has to be a cut off date and seeing a time table for it would greatly help in getting approval from my management to get the time to get every thing we would need converted to DX Designer.



            Phil Attardi