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Design Capture - End of Support & Decommission of product?

Question asked by chris.smith on Feb 12, 2015
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As we are pushing towards deploying our DXD release there has been a repeating question from executive levels on the termination of the Design Capture product itself.

What are the long term support plans for Design Capture and is there a period where it will be terminated?  (3yrs - Xyrs from now)


I understand that Mentor will not pro-actively terminate a product before migrating the user base etc, but is there any projected roadmap/ initiatives in place or hypothetical for the decommission of Design Capture?


From my perspective it will continue as you have enough customers supporting the sustaining needs for the tool set, but you are no longer investing in DC development & feature improvements etc.


My issue is trying to clarify a mentor response and stance on DC as we push past into DXD workflows



Thanks & please respond if possible or forward to the right contacts.


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