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Question of Mentor Install Program (MIP)

Question asked by haihuang on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2015 by guy_wettstein

Dear community,


This is Hai from Lorentz Solution.

I have a question regarding installation of the ODB++_Inside_Cadence_Allegro_9.4 in Linux.

Since we want to export ODB++ format file from Cadence Allegro, I downloaded the Redhat version of ODB++_inside installation package (free of charge) from the official website (

I unzipped the package and it generated a .aol file:

I read some installation guides for mentor software, and all of them mentioned using Mentor Install Program (MIP) to install mentor products. However, I didn't find a place to download it.


In windows OS, can be extracted, and in the extracted folder, there is a mgc_install file which can be run in Linux. However, near the end of installation when it tried to perform some post installation script, there is an error message pop up saying syntax error. Then we checked this post installation script, looks like it is in windows language. I believe that is reason of syntax error showing in Linux.

post script.JPG

I am wondering is there any hint on the installation? or should we use the latest MIP, where to download it?


Thank you for your help!