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Map Schematic Nets Requirements

Question asked by justin.cartwright on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by vernon_greer



I'm currently trying to setup extraction for the IBM, soi12 PDK (Calibre V2014.2 I think) .  Unfortunately, I'm having a few issues. 

For one, when I select "Use Names from Layout"  in the PEX setup form, no PEX netlist is generated until I first run LVS in the PEX run directory. There are no errors or warnings printed to the transcript.  Secondly, even if I run LVS first and successfully generate the PEX netlist, I'm not able to use the map schematic net tool for nets not connected to pins (as I seem to be able to if I select "Use Names from Schematic".   


I realize that I'm probably missing something fundamental, but I've not been able to understand this behavior from the documentation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.