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    Compatibility between Boardstation & Expedition


      We are using Boardstation for our CAD Designs since 1990. We have various modules in different quantities:

      Falcon Framework, Design Architect, Board Layout, Fablink and Librarian.


      Presently we are using BSXE 7.9 with 94 modules in all. For Routing, we are using Specctra Router(Cadence).

      Recently it has been conveyed by MGC that there will be no more support for Board Station as it has been decleared

      as "End of life" product. The new product that has been suggested is Expedition Enterprise.


      In this context, pls. respond to following queries :


      1) Whether Boardstation Library can be fully translated to Expedition Enterprise?

      2) Are BSXE designs fully compatible with Expedition enterprise without any annotation issues?

      3) Can the "Design Architect Schematics"  opened directly in "Schematic entry module" of Expedition Enterprise?


      In addition to BSXE, we have 12 licenses of PADS.



      Ritu Arora

      C-DOT, Delhi

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          1 - BoardStation libraries can be fully translated into Xpedition flow. There are both Library and Design translators available.

          2 - BSXE Design can be translated into Xpedition design and so far there are no annotation issue.

          3 - The schematic done in Design Architect cannot be opened directly into xDxDesigner (schematic tool within Xpedition flow). It must be converted.

          This is part of the design conversion process.

          Mentor is available to convert your library once from Board Station to Xpedition format and can be engaged for Design Conversion process or can teach you on the full conversion process that you can do yourself.


          Regarding the PADS licenses there are also PADS to Expedition translators.


          Kind Regards


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            Thanks Marco for the clarification!

            Just wanted to clarify some more doubts.

            a) I have heard something about "dual licensing". As per my knowledge, Boardstation and XE flow can work with the same license

                there is no need to procure a separate license for XE flow. Is it true?

            b) Do all Designs get translated successfully or there are chances of Translation related problems/errors in the PCB Design Cycle.


            Best Regards,


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              dual license mean you can access equivalent functionality for both Expedition and Board Station flow with one single license.

              i.e. xDx - DA dual Stn SW will alow to invoke both Dx Designer (schematic tool within Expedition flow) and Design Architect/

              In order to access BoardStation XE you need any of the board station license (interactive layout, board designer, board station...) plus autoactive RE license.

              Invoking XE will take both licenses.

              The design translation can lead to a successfull translation if all the design and library data are available and the design is in sync and up-to-date with the latest release in its original flow (Board Station) and if you did not make use of any special (or unsupported thing.

              Just to mention a few things that need special treating by the translation, all documented as known limitation:

              Using of multiple aliases for the nets (Netcon symbol usage)

              Unnamed nets' area fills (system net name are different in the two flow)

              Net connection done with polygons instead of intelligent traces.

              There are many other situation where the result may lead to not get result close to 100%.

              Believe me in the 25+ years of experience in Board Station I'm still getting surprised on how the customers used Board Station.

              In any case for all the translation I did I got 100% results, which does not mean it is necessarily exactly the same (think about the way area fills are treated vs plane shapes in Expedition), but it means routing is correct to the original intent of the schematic logic.

              It's only a matter of effort you need to put in preparing the design for a good translation. For all the special cases  listed above there are steps to apply (and provided macro) before starting the translation.

              That's one of the reason we offer Select Services to customers for translation. The process is not push button.

              Please set this question as replied if you are satisfied with the given response.

              Best Regards