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Compatibility between Boardstation & Expedition

Question asked by ritu on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by Marco

We are using Boardstation for our CAD Designs since 1990. We have various modules in different quantities:

Falcon Framework, Design Architect, Board Layout, Fablink and Librarian.


Presently we are using BSXE 7.9 with 94 modules in all. For Routing, we are using Specctra Router(Cadence).

Recently it has been conveyed by MGC that there will be no more support for Board Station as it has been decleared

as "End of life" product. The new product that has been suggested is Expedition Enterprise.


In this context, pls. respond to following queries :


1) Whether Boardstation Library can be fully translated to Expedition Enterprise?

2) Are BSXE designs fully compatible with Expedition enterprise without any annotation issues?

3) Can the "Design Architect Schematics"  opened directly in "Schematic entry module" of Expedition Enterprise?


In addition to BSXE, we have 12 licenses of PADS.



Ritu Arora

C-DOT, Delhi