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How do I export (to excel) full part/Cell/Padstack data from DMS

Question asked by greg.hall on Feb 13, 2015

Using DxD/Expedition 7.9.1 workflow with DMS



What I would like to do is export part number, cell reference and padstack information from out of DMS so that I can include it into an excel spreadsheet.

I can see that the information is in DMS in the library/Mapping section and I can view the individual settings for each part.

However what I would like to do is export this information for all parts (in a single transaction) and then be able to produce a report of part number to cell reference to padstack reference (and maybe even pad reference).


has anyone got any ideas how this can be achieved or even if there is a better way to obtain this info than from DMS?


Attached is a picture showing a typical part within DMS and I have highlighted the fields that I would like to export into my spreadsheet.