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    LP Wizard aka the (unclarified) state of library creation


      I am inquiring on the status of LP Wizard.


      The last update was in September 2012. Since then there seem to be a complete still stand in library creation.


      Mentor has many time bragged about the capability of good library management as a basis of all design activities.

      A part form the starter library from Optimum, if the librarian needs to produce new, components it seem that we are left in the stone age.


      Either you use LP Wizard to generate some (but not all new cells) and spread sheets to use in symbol editor and manually bind them together to a part, or you are into a lengthy design phase trying to modify whatever is in the library to fit the new component that is needed.


      I was somehow hopeful that you could import cells and symbols from other design tools, but many times this is an exercise in patience and a lot of hand work.

      To add to this state Mentor has erected a wall to import even hkp format that are generated from other tools like PCB Library expert or Ultralibrarian. (You have to get a special license for this and install a separate tree of the tool just for the conversion!!!)

      It seems to me that Mentor has decided not to be the source of the library by not taking care of the LP wizard, and had allowed PCB Library Expert to become the perceived leader.

      On the other hand Expedition is not a really good at importing other's symbols and cells. OR at least I am stills struggling with this part.


      So what is the state of LP Wizard, and how does Mentor plan to help library creation flourish and prosper?




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          This is exactly what we like to know as well, if there are no updates for the LP Wizard anytime soon i
          guess we will switch to PCB Library expert. There you also can create 3D Models, that goes very well together with the new VX1 Version. But if possible we rater use a MGC tool. Hopefully we get a answer to this question.


          Br Ralf

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            I have been promised to get a official answer to the future of the LP wizard from European Marketing beginning of next week, I will update this then.

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              So i have a statment regarding LP Wizard:


              "LP Wizard will continue to be available as a standalone product, but it
              will also be integrated in the new part creation environment; footprint Engine
              will be enhanced to support the latest IPC


              This new part creation environment will be delivered in phases

              we have actually delivered phase 1 with VX.1.2 and I am trying
              to get info on the delivery target of the following phases (2-4)


              In Phase 2, the LP wizard engine will be integrated in PartQuest to
              generate footprint compliant to latest IPC. Generated footprint will then be
              loaded into the library. At the same time we will introduce a symbol generator

              In phase 4, those symbol & footprint engines will also be integrated
              into the library editors to provide automated symbol & footprint creation
              to the librarian(s) within their library creation environment


              Phase 2 will be delivered in 2 steps:

              1. For VX.2 (July 2016) we should have:
              2. -        Parametric part definition
              3. -        Custom Symbol Creation
              4. -        Ease of use & productivity
              5. VX.2.1 (Nov 2016) we should have:
              6. -        Footprint Creation to IPC standards


              This translate to phase2 being complete by

              Phase 3-4 schedule not defined yet"


              Best regards

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