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"This method/property is obsolete" error

Question asked by petercordtz on Feb 20, 2015
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Whenever I launch xDX Designer(PADSVX.0), I get the following message


Source: 'xDX Designer'

Line: 13 Char:1

Error:0x800a029e 'This method/property is obsolete.'


What does this mean? My current installation was done on top of the previous version, but I have also seen it on a fresh installation on a completely new laptop. None of my coworkers experience this error, but I experienced it on both my workstation and the laptop. Could it somehow be linked to my user account on the network? That seems to be the only thing common to the two machines I have seen the error on.


It seems that xDX designer works fine, but the error still appears upon launching the program.


Thank you for your time,