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flexnet lmhostid returning both wired and wireless network adapters - linux

Question asked by benjamin on Feb 25, 2015
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I am trying to get the licensing working on my linux laptop that contains both a wired and wireless

when I try to launch the license server by hand, I get this error:


22:37:37 (mgcld) Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)

22:37:37 (mgcld) ==>INCREMENT hdldesigner_c mgcld 2016.020 24-feb-2016 10 \

  EEB6E3B99800684D5304 VENDOR_STRING=F62AE0C3 SN=47525735 \

  SIGN2="072A 58FB 4A98 FBCD 0087 FE9D CF0F 0E64 5E71 34E6 BA0D \

  1FC4 44CF 8961 2BD1 1FCE DA89 97F7 FFAB 460E 0D46 AA91 98C1 \

  5B68 A3D3 12B6 DF3D 6AE9 F898 7856"

22:37:37 (mgcld) License server system started on Benjamin-HPProBook

22:37:37 (mgcld) No features to serve, exiting

22:37:37 (mgcld) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 36 Exit reason 4

22:37:37 (lmgrd) mgcld exited with status 36 (No features to serve)

22:37:37 (lmgrd) mgcld daemon found no features.  Please correct


How can I tell license software only to consider one of the two network interfaces -


lmhostid - Copyright (c) 1989-2013 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The FlexNet host ID of this machine is ""5cf9dd6e7a5f a01d48aa518a""

Only use ONE from the list of hostids.




Doug Benjamin