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      So I have finally got my wonderful 2014 updates installed to play around with and have decided to step into the world of report builder something I was highly anticipating.


      So the interface is interesting takes a little getting used to has alot of things there.  probably 80 precent of it I have no idea what it is or where its used.  I talked about this kinda thing when we first got vesys nearly two years ago that there was a need for it.   I do have a question though of what kinda of customer testing and feedback occured because I have questions.


      First of all we pay alot of money for support for and access to updates.   When you do a search for report builder in the help menu you recieve a very limited heres the button you press drag and drop and you wash your hands of it.   A 15 min video would go a long way.


      A proper break down of each category in a pdf document would be nice. With at least a description of which each major field entails PRetty much its a hunt and peck procedure to find what you want.   You don't even have a picture or explain the connector and wire components splices ect options you enable and disable to bring into the chart.


      Again i mentioned the 80 percent of things that i have never heard of or used.  But you know what i use every day.   What page number does that wire or connector appear on.   What zone location on the page.   Attributes already used in the default wire table chart.   Terminal information  is also missing in the harness section.  Multicore identifiers.


      You have the option for user specified attributes.. How do i use these?  Will this solve my problem if i know the right code to type in?


      {diagram.index} was my page number i used on the borders this doesn't work in these specified fields.


      Again i'm glad you guys made the effort but all i really needed was some basic stuff.  So let me know what i can do.




          Sorry to hear about your frustration, we take on board the benefit of a short avi and will work on getting something available soon.


          This is the first release of the report builder and we do intend on enhancing this utility based on feedback from the community and so your post is very welcome. We do acknowledge there are a few gaps in the functionality but one of the main issues we wanted to address came from users who did not have the ability to write or modify their own custom reports when all they needed was a change in the order of attributes or the inclusion of a property.


          The default attributes listed when you access the drop down on the objects are all derived from the $VESYS_HOME or $CAPITAL_HOME\config\attributes.xml, but there are additional attributes which can be added as 'user specified' and these can be found in the the $VESYS_HOME or $CAPITAL_HOME\doc\plugin\api\attributelist.html file.


          I have also raised a ticket with our tech pubs team to revisit the infohub documentation.


          Stay tuned for the video.


          Kind regards,



            Thanks very much for the info and working on this.  I very much anticipate the next update.


            Frank Morgan

            Proterra Inc.

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              Hi Frank,


              I've added the introduction movie for the Report builder to the community.


              How to get started with the Report builder




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                Hello Patrick-Hackney,


                Together to the request-opinion from Frank, I'm wondering if I can add to the Reports User properties from the project or the Design, I was trying to guess if I can do it, but I couldn't find it, no problems with devices properties but no way with design or project properties.





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                  Hi David,


                  Unfortunately it's not currently possible to report on design or project properties.




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