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About 3D...

Question asked by aleropcb on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Rehan_Iqbal

Hello, I have some question about 3D.


- Is-it possible to have more than 1 3D model attached to a Decal. like a TO-220 with his screw and nut?

- Is it possible to reference a 3D model to the bottom of the PCB? It seems that any 3D is related to the top of the decal. So if i have a 3D model that goes on the bottom of the PCB it won't move according to the PCB thickness.

- Is the any way to see parts hole in 3D

- What is the advantage of M3DL over using manufacturer models?

- The 3D export must have some option like using 2.5D or prefer 3D model over 2.5D. Also option to export parts holes and copper... Do you agree?